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SPARK Entrepreneurship School

SPARK Jordan is organizing the SPARK Entrepreneurship School for the first time in Jordan. The school will be organized based on SPARK’s previous experience in organizing such schools in the past 25 years, but this time it will be organized to fit the Jordanian local context.

The school is designed to introduce young students in Jordan along with their professors, to modern entrepreneurship in interactive teaching methods. This is to introduce a new model of teaching entrepreneurship in higher education institutes. The project aims to create the spirit of entrepreneurship in Jordan’s youth, to lead social and economic development by introducing new businesses and products to the local and global markets.

In 2019 we will start this activity with the Winter Entrepreneurship School (WES):

About WES

5 to 10 Entrepreneurship courses will be held in 5 Jordanian Universities that will be announced on the website soon. Each course will be co-taught by an international professor and a local co-professor. The courses will be taught in English and if needed translation will be provided.

Approximately 250 students who submit innovative business ideas will be selected to join the courses by a committee from SPARK and the designated University. There will be no tuition fees. Books, readers, lunch and coffee breaks will be provided free of charge to students from the universities. Transportation costs will not be covered by SPARK.

A course typically lasts for 10 working days. The classes are interactive and include lectures, discussions, workshops,  field trips, assignments, papers and/or presentations as well as guest speaker sessions. Successful students will receive an official `Winter Entrepreneurship Course Certificate`. In addition to the courses, extra curricular activities as well as open debates will be organized for all students!

Start-up Competition

As soon as  the courses come to an end the best business plans will be selected to participate in a start-up competition where students from all 5 universities will pitch their ideas in front of a jury panel made up of experienced personas in the world of entrepreneurship. The winning ideas will win a prize that will be announced early on in the course.


This activity is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.