SPARK Jordan is working towards increasing employment opportunities in Jordan through numerous projects, with over 25 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Education, SPARK is utilizing its expertise in those fields to upgrade Entrepreneurship modules taught in higher education institutes in Jordan.

At this moment SPARK has partnered with 5 Jordanian universities to bring international professors who can share their valuable experiences with local professors and students.

In addition to bringing modern theories and modules to the curricula being taught in those partner universities, SPARK is looking forward to enhance the way in which those modules are being delivered, by bringing more interactive and thought provoking teaching techniques.

In the belief in the capabilities of the local professors, all the entrepreneurship courses held under this project will be co-taught by local and international professors, the reason behind this is to have both professors share their knowledge with the students and also with each other, to build up their capacities and change the way entrepreneurship is being perceived by the community.

We believe in equipping youth with the necessary tools to support them in bringing innovative business ideas to the market, lead their economies and create more jobs. After all those young energetic and ambitious people have it in them, they just need to learn the tools to empower them, and make their dreams come true.